October 14, 2010

~ I have a confession ~

I have a confession... Sometimes when I am shooting really cute babies I just want to scoop them up and run like hell and take them home with me. Then...I remember that it's illegal... Oh and that I already have 3 of them. That was the case with Miss Aubrey.But look at her! Wouldn't you want to take her home? She'd fit right in with my crazy crew.I remember shooting her Mom and Dads wedding a few years ago and actually telling them "You guys are going to have the cutest kids ever" - When Mom and Dad are this cute it's gotta be in the genes!Katie and Brandon drove a LONG way for these photos. Which is totally flattering...but also sort of makes me want to puke. I still get nervous and I so badly want my clients to be happy. Next weekend I have a family driving 3 hours for photos, I may just have a heart attack!

Katie and Brandon - it was so good to catch up with you guys again! Sorry I thought about stealing your baby :)


Pamela said...

what an adorable family!!! great photos, kelly!

PS- i'm dying to know, where did that mom find that AMAZING top? i love the ruffles.

Katie said...

Adorable Kelly!! We love them and can't wait to see the rest!! Great job...like always!! ;)

p.s- pamela...i got my top from The Limited.