~ Dude...I totally didn't look like this is High School... ~

So when I married my lovely husband nearly 7 years ago, I gained alot of family. Okay...alot is an understatement, I gained a butt-load of family. My husband is the youngest of 9 kids that is extended from a large prominent St Louis Italian family. One of those family members I gained is this gorgeous bebe Jordan.Technically she is my "second cousin by marriage one generation removed" but everyone in Italian families just refer to people as "my cousin"...so that fits!
And....can you believe she is in High School? Seriously, I did not look like that in High School. Even the hot girls at my high school didn't look like that. All of the Senior girls I've shot lately have just been knock-outs. I think the younger generations are just getting more and more beautiful.
Now...in our defense...style has come a LONG way since I was in high school. We didn't have things like bronzer and miracle bra's, we didn't pluck or shape our eyebrows and stiletto heels certainly weren't in style.

We rocked the white keds with folded over socks, bushy eyebrows and the cross your heart bra that gave everyone a "uni-boob" - but we rocked it well.

Congratulations Jordan! Class of 2011!

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