October 23, 2010

~ Rowan is 6 months old ~

So this particular photo shoot served 2 purposes. Number #1 - These lovely parents (in the middle) raised 3 boys in a house most parents could only dream of. It's gorgeous, and the land is stunning. They are going to sell the place now that the kids are all grown, so they wanted some family photos it front of it. (Plus their daughter-in-law Chelsie and Grandson Rowan)

Back in the woods was a treehouse that Dad built with his own 2 hands. I overheard some crazy story about one of the boys getting shot with a BB and telling mom he slipped and hit his head on the stop sign :)
And purpose # 2 of this shoot was - Rowan is 6 months old YAY~! He has gotten to be such a big boy since I shot him as a newborn. He is such a doll, I was laughing at all his funny faces while editing.

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Amy Meyerott Photography said...

Kelly these are awesome! The whole session made me tear up! It has got to be SO HARD to leave that house full of memories. Great Job! Rowan's dad looks really familiar. These pictures are priceless I'm sure.